Srđan Dimić Demon


Srđan Dimić Demon was born in 1981 in Zemun (Belgrade), Serbia. The beginning of 3D graffiti was marked during war conflicts. Srdjan Dimić Demon is a pioneer of the Belgrade graffiti scene and belongs to the old school of graffiti artists. Demon has been drawing graffiti for 20 years. The first on belgrade scene draw 3D graffiti and remains faithful to this style to this day. Liberated by political stigma and prejudice, he opened the way and “trapped paths” for all current artists in the field of graffiti art, street art, popular mural creation (of modern character, derived from graffiti art); Srdjan Dimic Demon is the first and (still) the only graffiti artist to take part in the October Salon (in the selection of Era Milivojević), as the avant-garde of that time. Under the working title Art was seen by the eyes of the artist, it was the first October Salon in the third millennium and the 21st century, the first one that was completely prepared and accomplished in post-Milošević’s Serbia, and the first on which works were selected exclusively by artists. In the first years of work, many stages of drawing were followed, which at that time implied a certain risk factor because the first drawings were created on wagons, bridges, the walls of the city … mostly illegally. Productions of legally painted walls begin to work in 2004. At the same time, he develops plastic modeling, drawing and painting with various techniques, and designing figures of the Transformers, which only a hundred artists work around the world. The works of Srdjan Dimić Demon are recognizable through compulsive precision and perverted pedantry. The artist finds inspiration in constructivism, robotics with a special emphasis on industrial robotics and cybernetics. All sketches are made in the form of miniatures, exclusively by hand, without preparation on paper or computer. Opus of works carried out over 2000.

Artist’s Work

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