Sokar Uno


Sokar Uno is a German, Berlin based artist/painter who realizes his projects nationally and international wide.
His artistic career started in 1999 when he  expressed himself with spray can and became part of the local graffiti scene. Over the years he changed his interest from classical graffiti styles to figurative depiction exploring the art through classic painting.
With his forms and figures the artist experiments and fragments, reproduces or breaks them apart, to portray his visual world.
Chosen mediums for Sokar Unos projects can be brushes, painter´s roller, spray can, or spatula. He mostly chooses walls or canvases to paint on.
Some of the artists great mural paintings can be seen throughout Europe as well as on international level for example in New York City or Cape Town. His artistic skills are based on his autodidactic working method.

Artist’s Work

Street Arts Festival Mostar