NeSpoon: I believe that lace choose me and I think I gave it a new life

During the project “The Future of Public Spaces” which is bringing urban culture closer to everyday lives of people, Street Arts Festival Mostar finally got the chance to host the artist NeSpoon in Mostar. NeSpoon is a famous artist from Poland, whose art pieces are can be found on the streets of cities all over the world. She spent six days on an artist residency in Mostar and painted a mural with a traditional lace pattern in Kralja Zvonimira street. We asked NeSpoon about her art, challenges that came up with this piece and her future plans.

This is your first time in Mostar. What has caught your attention? How do you like the city?

NeSpoon: I love it. The city has a very good energy. There are many people here and all kinds of contrasts are visible in the environment, especially in the architecture. You can feel the historical past of the war, on the other hand the city is full of culture, there is a lot of murals and street art pieces, just like in Berlin or London. It is an amazing mixture.

How did you come to the idea to use lace patterns in your art?

NeSpoon: Before I started to use lace patterns, my artistic expression was completely different. I was creating very minimalistic, contemporary art, big oil paintings. Lace was never on my mind. I always though about it as a dusty piece of interior. And then my life changed and I couldn’t touch any more oil paintings, I felt like I cannot do that anymore. After two weeks I was brainstorming what can I do now, so I went to the shop and bought clay. That is when I started making all kinds of ceramic pieces. In ceramics it is very common to use lace and in contemporary ceramics bubble foil. One day I realized how beautiful lace is. One day when I was on a walk, I clearly saw a piece of lace on the lamppost, it was a kind of a vision. I went back to my studio, made a clay piece, took it to the lamppost and that is the moment I saw the city differently, somehow it opened a new view to the city. I believe the lace choose me. After that I started doing stickers, stencils and murals.

When you are doing a new piece of art, you always take in consideration the local tradition of the crochet. Is this piece you are doing currently in Mostar specific in any way?

NeSpoon: Yes, I always like to use local lace patterns. I want to give honor to the women who make lace in the specific place I am working at. I love to meet the local lacemakers, and during these meetings we are creating a special bond. This pattern that I am doing now is different, this is the second time that I am doing a piece that is based on a net.

How challenging was it for you to do this piece?

NeSpoon: Very challenging. I like to do video projections, it’s easier for me to do so. I couldn’t do that this time, so I am doing it all by free hand. It was stressful to do it this way, but that gives a special excitement to the process.

What are your plans for the near future, where will the world see new art pieces by NeSpoon?

NeSpoon: After this I am going back to Poland for a short break, then I am doing a mural in France, Switzerland, Germany. In the meantime, I am having an exhibition in Gdansk.

This project is implemented with the support of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Resilience Initiative (BHRI) program, implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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