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Mural renaissance in Mostar

Street Arts Festival Mostar ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) 9th edition,  was held in September 2020. and gathered artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia – 35 participants who are street artists, graffiti artists, architects, sculptors, modern artists and amateurs.

The year 2020 generally shifted most of the conceptual and business plans, and it was a challenge for us to realize another edition of the Festival, but in this extraordinary pandemic circumstances, kept its progress with Balkans energy.

A huge open-air gallery, that exists in Mostar, became richer with many new murals, graffiti and interventions done all over the city of Mostar. Creative energy expanded and connected many people who worked together, for the same goals -to support culture and youth activism, create a new visual identity of the streets and keeping the continuous building of a strong art platform based on the street art subculture.

Street art in Mostar has been gaining importance since 2012., when youth activists launched this festival to use art to beautify the post-war public spaces.

Organizers and curators have been working for many years to bring Mostar on the urban art world scene with one of the most beautiful street art galleries in the Balkan and middle Europe.

Public spaces in Mostar are full of contrast; from ruins, Austro-Hungarian and Socialism-era buildings to brand new structures. Street Art gives a new perspective and different reality of the city that fits everywhere.  Also, it is interesting to note, that the citizens of Mostar, have embraced this Festival and regularly they offer facades of their private houses but buildings as well for mural painting.

This year, for the first time, it is organized „Street Art Jam“ that gathered young talented people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who painted a collaborative mural at the Partisanovo playground that was abandoned and forgotten after the war. There were organized cleaning actions with youth from all over the world in coordination with local enthusiasts. It became a new alternative place for urban culture and sports with a powerful graffiti gallery. Also, there were organized collaborative workshops in mentorship by local architects.

Next year Street Arts Festival Mostar celebrates 10 years of existence and should host many great artists, who continuously show interest to come to Mostar and put their artistic tag in this city. Thanks to 10 years of activity in street art, we have become another interesting tourist attraction in the region and Europe, which makes us very proud because of the impact that the Street Arts Festival has on such a beautiful city of Mostar.

Artez – Beograd

Nataša Konjević – Banja Luka

Saša Peševski – Sarajevo

Wuper – Beograd

Ante Lovrić – Široki Brijeg

Maid Mide Redžić – Mostar

Ljubomir Todorović – Banovići

Kori Nikola – Beograd

Benjamin Čengić – Sarajevo

Midhad Mašić – Mostar

Arleta i Soraja Ćehić – Mostar

Katran – Mostar

Maja Sinkler – Mostar

Kerim Mušanović – Sarajevo

Damir Mumbašić – Mostar

Caseven – Sarajevo

Alija Kamber – Tuzla

Chudak – Tuzla

Dino Primorac – Mostar

Hana Dujmović – Sarajevo

Lejla Imamović – Mostar

Sunita Fišić – Sarajevo

Antonija Tolić – Ljubuški

Medina Dedić – Mostar

Azra Imamović – Mostar

Jana Danilović – Beograd

Darko Jovičić, Chudak, Jeron, Benjamin Čengić, Lejla Imamović, Sunita Fišić, Ana Jovanović

Street Arts Festival Mostar