If you are not from Croatia, a small warning is definitely in order – you might get a bit jealous of Zagreb residents for they are all lucky enough to share a city with the delightfully talented Slaven Kosanovic, better known by his artistic name of Lunar (which actually comes from the legendary video game Lunar Jetman). This graphic designer by day and street artist at night has been perfecting his work for over two decades now by painting imaginative graffiti pieces upon the urban parts of Croatia’s capital. Having an incredible passion for what he does, Lunar never had doubts about what he wanted to be in life, showing us that if we all tried to be true to ourselves, maybe some change would be brought upon the irritating and dangerous inertia that surrounds modern life .

Slaven Kosanovic started drawing and painting just as any other person you’ve met – by doodling as a child and learning through playful practice. In his case, however, the desire to draw did not die over time as it does for other people. In fact, Lunar’s love for painting only got stronger over time. He was lucky enough to have inspiring and supportive parents who knew how critical it was for young Slaven to express himself in a way he was so passionate about. As he got older, he wanted to somehow find a way to live off contemporary painting – which was a bit easier then trying to succeed as a more traditional artist, but a risky task none the less. That was one of the reasons Kosanovic never wanted a formal education in his life. Besides proving to be a potentially fruitless task, Lunar was also aware that going to an art college of some sort would only mess with his way of painting and that he was able to develop himself much further by continuous drawing and painting then by attending some classes. It took some time, but Lunar finally realized that graffiti as a medium offered the most expression for his style. Kosanovic hooked up with a couple of his similar minded friends and started painting the streets of Croatia. He found inspiration in the people that surrounded him on the daily basis ever since he was a toddler- his parents, which is only fitting seeing they’ve supported him for the entirety of his life. Another strong influence Lunar admitted had an impact on his work are books he read as a child, written by such authors as Tolkien, Burroughs, May, London, Golding, Marquez, Dostoyevsky, Kerouac, Orwell, Hugo etc. Many of elements from novels these people wrote are still obvious in Lunar’s graffiti, which ain’t no surprise at all since one of his rare rules Kosanovic tries to keep to is to have as much enjoyment as possible when working – so naturally he will turn towards things he loved deeply ever since he was a child. As for the other sources of inspiration, Lunar turns to simple things in life – friends, strangers, the Sun, the rain, headaches, hangovers, travels, turbulence, sex, his cat Jinx and the famous 1979 flick The Warriors


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