Iva Pažin

Bosnia and Herzegovina

My name is Iva Pažin. I’m 15 years old and I have just finished my first year of highschool. Outside of school I have been training karate for a while now, I’m a blue belt. I used to learn coding and I plan on picking up where I left off and keep learning that. I have always been interested in art. Over the years my interests and hobbies have changed but one thing has stayed constant – I never stopped drawing. I tried many different mediums and styles. My favorite stuff is painting on clothes and making the things I use and see every day more colourful and fun. I have always admired artists that paint a mural in the street, and I love the way it becomes a part of the neighborhood and makes it more beautiful. I’m very excited to do my first street art this year!


Artist’s Work

Street Arts Festival Mostar