Dzenana Taso

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dzenana Taso was born in Sarajevo, where she lives and studies. Her art ranges from printmakings and paintings to street art and concept art. Growing up in Mostar, she developed her love for nature and art, and often fled to the surrounding forests, learning about the world around her, and so gradually creating the foundation for the mental mindset that made her the artist she is today. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, where she is currently pursuing postgraduate studies. She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions throughout BiH, Croatia and Macedonia, and has participated in workshops and colonies. Her work speak of art visions that enter the world of expression and nonobjectivity. She often paints characters in nature, relying on realism to imbue the elements of abstraction, thereby creating an effect that is imposed on the viewer as a visual creation of her inner being.


Artist’s Work

Street Arts Festival Mostar