Deni Božić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Deni Bozic . Born 1993. and raised in Doboj ( Bosnia and Herzegovina) . Inspired by catastrophic floods that devastated his home country in 2014. he painted his first street mural. Ever since, he actively works at transforming old, grey walls and giving cities much needed aesthetic appeal. He attracted a lot of positive attention as on of pioneers of street art in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Focusing on quality with over 300 murals in his resume he continue to spread the street art culture with every new destination. Inspired by life, music, great people and with much love and devotion he works on every new piece. Using his sharp mind, intuition and aesthetic eye he carefully plans every new wall . Usually working on portraits , focusing on realism , he doesn’t shy away from experimenting and implementing various styles. 


Artist’s Work

Street Arts Festival Mostar