Amela Memić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Amela Memić is an Academic Painter from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Born February 15th 1995 in Sarajevo, Amela has been very creative and artistic from early childhood. Following her dreams, in year 2013 Amela has finished High school of Fine Arts in Sarajevo majoring in Fabric Design. That way she gains a title of Arts Technician for Fabric Design. Just before the end of the same school year she has been awarded with „Vladimir Vojnović Muniment“ for the most mature art expression. Amela has continued her artistic lifepath at the Academy of Fine Arts where her achieved results in class as well as the artwork at the annual exhibition of students were noticed. Amela has thus been nominated for the „Alija Kučukalić Award“ in academic year of 2015/16. She has finished Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, majoring in Painting in year 2017. In the following year Amela has graduated from the same Academy being one of the most successful students. For her achievement Amela has been honoured by University of Sarajevo with a Silver Medal. Amela’s work of art is characterised with brighter tones and lively colours. She has been freely moving through different themes by transforming various ideas to art. Amela loves to paint portraits and figures, but also enjoys painting landscapes and still life. Amela is als involved in the field of Fashion design where she is joyfully mixing Arts and Fashion.


Artist’s Work

Street Arts Festival Mostar