About Festival

Street Arts Festival Mostar bring new talent and art to the streets of the post war city, redefine public space and network artist from all over the world. The festival exist since 2012. Everything start trough activism of youth from Mostar who want to bring more positivity in divided city.

Street Arts Festival revitalize abandoned spaces and ruins into art and gives universal visual identity to the city. Also festival affirms artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina and connect them with famous street artist from all over the world.

Festival brings positive social reactions in Mostar and have built very strong urban art platform that brings new dynamics to public space. The influence of street art is visible almost on every corner: on renovated constructions; on destroyed blocks; on the street that marked the city’s division during the 1990s war.

We have support from local community. Citizens help us to get good walls for artists. They give us permission to paint their buildings and houses. Also we have support from schools and university to paint their walls. During the festival, there is truly something for everyone and all ages. Pop-up events occur as interest gains and citizens of Mostar realize their own creative skills and talents they have to offer.

Trough street art every country have ability to promote urban art and artist. In the last of 7 years festival host lot-s of professional street artists from all over the world:  Bifido, Nemo, Coletivo FX, Enrico Carne, Coletivo Licuado, AlfAlfa, Jorge Pomar, Pincho, Johannes Mundiger, Aleksandro Reis, Chiara & Sophia Frei, Chez 186, Demon, TKV, Koraljko Greben BTOY, Astronaut, Ale Senso, Bibitto, Erik Burke…and artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina: Deni Božić, Muhamed Baručija, Maid Mide Redžić, Zakky, Maja Sinkler, Sunita Fišić and many more.

So many people have worked together as volunteers to make the festival possible, and they are working for a better future in Mostar.

Street Arts Festival Mostar